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SH 574036

This is a fortification in an exhilarating position, fronting the sea and exposed to all the winds that blow! Its date is very uncertain, and it may have been occupied at more than one period.

The defences are built on the very top of the narrow ridge. They consist of two relatively low earth and stone banks enclosing a rectangular space about 45m long and 22m wide. At the seaward end there is a much stronger point – the base of a tower or small circular enclosure (10m in diameter) fronted by a rock-cut ditch now virtually filed with stone. If this stone comes from the collapse of the tower, it must have been quite high. Beyond the ditch is a curving bank with another deep rock-cut ditch beyond. This ditch is now right at the edge of the quarry – take care! The ring of concrete pegs on the tower once anchored a shipping signal.

From the Pont Dysynni on the A493 coast road 5km north of Tywyn take the minor road west for 2.5km toward the end of the promontory north of the Broadwater, where the road turns sharply. The road is narrow and confined and there is parking there for only one or two cars. A signed footpath leads diagonally east up the south side of the promontory. Where the path starts to level out head more steeply up the hill towards a stile that will be seen above. Do not cross the stile but double back west along the south side of the wall until the fort is reached. The north side of the fort adjoins the sheer cliffs of the quarry which are not well fenced off so care must be taken. This is private land but crossed by the public footpath.

Distance: Round trip 2.5km (1.5 miles)
Difficulty: Rough track and steep climb
Time: 1.5 hours

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