Standing Stones - North Anglesey

ABOUT THIS GUIDE: This provides descriptions and suggested routes to visit the prehistoric standing stones of north Anglesey. The information may be used to carry out a longer tour by car but most stones lie in quiet country areas accessible only by footpath from narrow, winding back roads and it is therefore intended to encourage shorter tours by cycle or foot. Routes are therefore suggested with timings calculated to allow for such visits, based on suitable starting points where parking and toilets are available. A few stones can be visited without a car as a cycle tour starting from the railway station at Valley.

Two main routes are suggested, each of about 20 miles and suitable for experienced cyclists.

NW Anglesey - follow the link and click on the map for a description of the stone and image

NE Anglesey - follow the link and click on the map for a description of the stone and image

The extra time needed to visit each of the sites described, some of which require a walk from the road means that these routes would require most of a day’s outing. Shorter routes are also suggested, more suitable for a family outing, taking in a smaller number of stones and for these some two to three hours should be allowed. Decide on a route and allow for the time needed. There is a network of small roads and short cuts home can easily be taken. The Llanddeusant windmill centre provides one good starting point but the car park closes at 5pm so leave your car in the lay-by outside.

BEFORE SETTING OUT: Cycling or walking – carry food and drink and wet weather clothing. Cycling – carry tools and puncture repair outfits.

IMPORTANT INFORMATION: The map provided a basic guide to the sites and routes but requires an Ordnance Survey Explorer Map No. 262, Anglesey West, which shows all public footpaths. Some stones are not accessible by public footpath but can be seen adequately from close by. Some can be visited by permission of the farmer and these are mentioned in the guide but elsewhere please do not trespass. Most standing stones in this area are Scheduled Ancient Monuments protected by law but all are valuable in their own right. Respect them and observe The Countryside Code.

For more information about standing stones on Anglesey - follow the link to this page: Standing Stones