Parc Cybi

Dig Diary - Open Day

dig guided tour

Second Time Lucky! After cancelling the open day last month, because of the very heavy rain, we tried again this weekend. The weather was not good - but the turn-out was.

We had a steady stream of visitors - local and from further afield - all day. Rob Sutton and Angela Poulter from Atkins, Andrew Davidson and Jane Kenney from GAT and many members of the digging team, guided the visitors around the significant areas on-site and discussed the information panels and the several artefacts on display. Very many thanks to all involved, not least Jones Bros, who kept the site open and provided facilities for the occasion.

dig open day group Andrew, in the foreground, and Rob, in the distance, explain what's going on in the central area of the stone-walled roundhouses
Jane explains the significance of the artefacts on display artefacts on display
This Neolithic stone axe was recovered from one of the roundhouse contexts