Parc Cybi

Dig Diary November - Something We've Seen Before?

neolithic house In November, up near the Trefignath chambered tomb, in the lee of a schist outcrop, the team uncovered the post-holes and beam slots of a rare Neolithic house. Only two others are known from Wales, both at Llandygai, near Bangor. One of these was uncovered during excavations in advance of an industrial estate in the 1960s. The other was found by Jane Kenney and several members of the same team from GAT during work in 2006 on a new Welsh Assembly Government Business Park close by.

Follow this link to see more of the Neolithic house uncovered at Llandygai in 2006 - click here


The chambered tomb stands a very short distance from the house and the alignment of the house is in the direction of the tomb - accident or design? tomb