Parc Cybi

Dig Diary August 10 - Something Roman?

ty mawr encosure

Despite the wealth of information coming to light within the complex of round-houses at Parc Cybi, there has been a very little direct evidence of Romano-British activity. There have, however been one or two indications from recent work.

In Area B3.1 a curvilinear ditch, was recorded over a distance of approximately 25m. It is interrupted by a 3m gap which may be an entrance with a line of three circular stone filled pits adjacent. The most productive of the internal features was a pit which produced a bone bangle. The provisional date of the enclosure, on the basis of the associated finds, is of the late Iron Age/Romano British period.

Nearby, to the south, a feature was excavated which has been provisionally interpreted as a possible, but undated, corn drier.

A sub-circular structure (F) has been recorded in area B2 adjacent to Lôn Trefignath. This was defined by a wall slot containing packing stones to support a light timber wall. Inside were numerous postholes. Also within the interior of the structure was a stone-lined trough with adjacent hearth deposits. This area produced numerous pebble tools and a higher concentration of spindlewhorls than usual across the rest of the settlement. It also produced the only two sherds of Roman pottery found during these excavations. It is possible that this building had an industrial function related to the stone-lined trough.

Twenty metres to the south west, close to roundhouse D, a small piece of a copper alloy was recovered - provisionally identified as part of a Roman brooch.

excavation pen lon
ty mawr huts ap Advantage was taken of a short spell of good weather recently - to get some arial shots of the work in progress. This vew shows the stone-walled round-houses under excavation.