Parc Cybi

Dig Diary - post-ring roundhouse in area K

post ring house

Area K is on the east side of Lon Trefignath next to the late prehistoric settlement within B2. (map)

Excavation identified a post-built roundhouse, eleven metres in diameter, with two concentric rings of posts.

The inner ring of postholes formed a near perfect circular arrangement, and measured approximately 5.6m in diameter. A flat stone inside this inner ring may have been used as a post support.

The outer ring of ten identifiable posts was less substantial. On the north-west side of the outer ring (left of photo), a possible porch or entrance has been identified.

Several sherds of Bronze Age pottery were recorded in a charcoal-rich pit to the west of the roundhouse.
On the north-east side, more sherds of late Neolithic /early Bronze Age pottery were recorded in a large shallow charcoal-rich pit . A series of stakeholes may have been part of a fence line.

The form of the roundhouse is consistent with examples found in both the Iron Age and Bronze Age periods. No datable evidence was recovered from the roundhouse, itself, but pottery from the two charcoal rich pits may suggest a Bronze Age date for the structure.