Parc Cybi

Dig Diary - more on the roundhouses (House A)

roundhouse A

Roundhouse A

Roundhouse A is the large structure towards the top of the aerial photo (dig diary story so far). The wall is made of large facing stones with a rubble core. It was nearly 10m in diameter with a width of 1.2m, splaying to 2.7m at the northern entrance.

There may have been an entrance on the south-eastern side, indicated by a group of postholes. Additional facing stones were added to form a new entrance on the north-west side of the building. These two phases of construction were reflected in the interior deposits.

The photo shows an early stage of the excavation.


Excavation in progress at roundhouse A

Concentric with the roundhouse A wall on its northern side was a curving line of stones forming a kerb to a stony external platform. This continued around the northern side of the building to the north-west entrance and is associated with the later phase of use. The house wall is clearly seen in the centre of the photo.

A line of slabs runs north from the roundhouse entrance, covering a drain and providing a pathway to the house.

Leading north-west from the entrance is an area defined on one side by a substantial wall. It has large facing stones and runs from roundhouse A for about 37m.

house A excavation

View the possible Bronze-Age post-ring roundhouse in Area K