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Dig Diary - the story so far

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Stage 1 involved the removal of topsoil and subsoil to archaeological horizons. The areas were mapped and the features recorded and described. These were planned and located using a Total Station survey, with detail recorded by hand drawn plans.

The four weeks from 29 January to 23 February 2007 were spent cleaning the roundhouse settlement in Area B2. Detailed excavation then commenced, concentrating on the route of a haul road through the north-eastern side of B2. The excavation teams then expanded out, digging a small area next to Lôn Trefignath and roundhouse D on the other side of the haul route.

Full excavation of a substantial part of the site has revealed both greater complexity than estimated and earlier phases of activity obscured by the visible roundhouses.

Within B2 the extent of a Late Prehistoric and, possibly, Romano-British settlement has been revealed. The prehistoric settlement includes five stone-built roundhouses representing more than one phase of occupation, accompanied by walls, drains and ditches. activity associated with the roundhouse settlement extends further south-west into area F

It is known from archive evidence that alongside lay the 18th century farm of Pen y Lôn.

The map evidence can be used to identify some ditches as nineteenth century field boundaries, and suggests that features in the north-eastern corner of area B2 and on the eastern side are most likely to belong to Pen y Lôn.

The aerial photograph shows the B2 roundhouses under excavation

round houses