Parc Cybi

Dig Diary November-December: Cists, Old and not so Old

burial hill  

On this low hill a short distance to the north of the Neolithic Chambered tomb, a much more recent cemetery was unexpectedly uncovered.



A burial ground of stone-lined graves of, almost certainly, Early Medieval date, occupied this prominent location. Similar cemeteries have been uncovered nearby, during the construction of the A55 Trunk Road and, to the south-west, by storm erosion, at Trearddur Bay. At this early date we must assume that these were community burial grounds, not necessarily exclusively Christian, in a period before Church burial became the norm.

Recording the stone line cists at Parc Cybi


cists A strange co-incidence saw the discovery of the remains of an unusual cluster of Prehistoric, Early Bronze Age, cists at about the same time in the northern part of the site