Using these resources


These resources include information about:

•  the site;

•  the archaeology of the site;

•  resources useful for field visits to the site;

•  and a range of activities relating to the site that are linked to Education for Sustainable Development and Global Citizenship (ESDGC).

Archaeology is a discipline that draws on physical evidence to learn about the past, from prehistory to the twentieth-century. It lends itself to creative and analytical thinking, reasoning and questioning. The ESDGC activities provide a context for teachers to engage their pupils in thinking about the past and questioning our assumptions about how people lived.

Many of the thinking activities can be done as individual, group or class based activities, depending on the needs of the pupils and the learning outcomes desired by the teacher. The thinking hats approach used in the higher level Choices and Decisions activity 2 could be utilised to structure thinking for the other ESDGC activities. Some teachers may find Oxfam's guidance for teachers in managing discussion of sensitive subjects useful (Teaching Controversial Issues, Oxfam 2006, copy available; Bangor University WNCRE collection Many of the ESDGC activities use evidence to construct and compare interpretations of past communities to how we live now. They also facilitate the application of the knowledge gained to sustainability challenges faced today.

The resources include a 'Prezi' presentation that can be viewed online by following the link. It shows the part of the site where archaeological finds were discovered during the early twentieth century excavations. This information provides the stimulus for many of the activities.

Some guidance together with model and suggested answers have been included to help teachers with little archaeological knowledge to undertake the activities with their pupils. The resources include signposting to other information and resources provided by other organisations where appropriate. Gwynedd Archaeological Trust cannot guarantee the content or longevity of these external resources.

These resources can be used for stand-alone class based Welsh Baccalaureate activities, but also pose interesting questions which Welsh Baccalaureate students could pursue further as part of their Individual Investigation. Tre'r Ceiri could also be the focus for pupils' enterprise activity, group task or volunteer hours. Please contact to find out more about how Gwynedd Archaeological Trust can support pupils pursuing these options.

The activities and resources can be used in conjunction with a class visit to the site and to maximise the learning from a site visit. Gwynedd Archaeological Trust currently employs staff that can be booked to accompany school and college visits to the site. For more information or to make a booking contact . There is usually a fee for this support unless we have funding available from specific external sources to cover our costs available at the time.