Introduction to the Resources


These resources all relate to the Tre'r Ceiri archaeological site located on the Llyn Peninsula, Gwynedd. The site is a good example of an Iron Age hillfort which has archaeological evidence that dates from a number of periods. These cross-curricular resources can be used to support the 'Iron Age Celts' aspect of the Key Stage 2 curriculum.

These resources provide the opportunity for students to explore culture and heritage by considering and visiting a local site. This work could form a significant part of the 4th Element of Wales Europe and the World (WEW) and complement aspects of 'Personal and Social Education' (PSE) of the Welsh Baccalaureate. The activities could also be used to stimulate other Welsh Baccalaureate project work such as the 'Individual Investigation' and 'Work Related Education'.

These resources have been created as part of a project funded by The Countryside Council for Wales (now Natural Resources Wales) called Exploring Historical Landscapes. The resources are structured around the seven themes of 'Education for Sustainable Development and Global Citizenship' according to the terms of the grant funding. As well as the ESDGC activities, the resources include archaeological information about Tre'r Ceiri, useful information for preparing for a site visit and fieldwork activities.

The resources have been created by Gwynedd Archaeological Trust namely Anita Daimond and Emily Bateman with contributions from Sadie Williams and Dave Hopewell. We are very grateful to our volunteer Ann Huws for her assistance with the Welsh language text. Thanks go to the teachers that allowed us to take their pupils to visit the site, contributed ideas and gave feedback regarding our plans for the resources.