Parc Cybi, Holyhead
What was found?


Roman Period Industry

By a trackway, probably leading towards the late Roman fort in what is now Holyhead, there was a native farmstead that busy making things and storing produce, presumably to trade with the Roman soldiers.

In a clay-walled building was a hearth made of large boulders, possibly to hold a pan or bowl for dying cloth. Next to it was a stone bowl, set in the floor, for grinding or mixing. There were also other hearths, troughs and pits crammed into the small building.

Boulder hearth and stone bowl

On the other side of the track was a series of postholes showing where storage buildings had stood, and next to those was a small, square stone building with a large pit under its floor.

Postholes that would have supported a sequence of timber storage buildings


Remains of square stone building. Only one wall, and a corner, survived but much of the floor did as well