Parc Cybi, Holyhead
What was found?

Bronze Age Monuments

Near the cist cemetery were two other Bronze Age monuments. There was another burial mound probably added later in the Bronze Age. Although the mound no longer existed it was marked by a circular ditch, from which the earth for the mound was dug. Later in the Bronze Age cremation burials became more common and it is likely that this barrow held cremation burials either in urns or small cists. However these were probably within the mound that was levelled, and no traces of burials or pottery were found.

Ring ditch defining the location of a Bronze Age barrow

Between these two monuments there was also an odd ditched feature. This seems to have started as a ring ditch, then part of the ditch was infilled and the rest of the ditch redug to form a larger D-shaped enclosure. Pottery and radiocarbon dates showed that this enclosure was Bronze Age, but its function is unknown. Its location between two burial mounds does suggest that this was a ceremonial monument.

The odd D-shaped ditched feature

300m north-east of these monuments there was another burial mound surrounded by a ring ditch. This was located where the A55 now runs and was excavated in 1999 in advance of the construction of the road. This barrow also had been levelled with only the ditch surviving. It shows that shows that there was a group of monuments within a fairly small area.

The Tŷ Mawr Ring Ditch with a much later cemetery dug over it