Young Archaeologists' Club Bangor Branch

Gwynedd Archaeological Trust run the Bangor (Gwynedd) branch of the Young Archaeologists' Club (YAC). YAC is a UK-wide club run by the Council for British Archaeology, where 8-16 year olds can participate in archaeologically themed activities. Membership is free.

Bangor branch sessions are often organised in conjunction with Gwynedd Archaeological Trust's community projects, giving members the chance to take part in real archaeology. Past sessions have included excavations, guided walks, historic graffiti recording, artefact recording, photography sessions and craft activities. Sessions are delivered bilingually.

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Examples of Past Sessions

Dinas Dinlle Prehistoric Coastal Hillfort

During summer 2019 branch members were invited to take part in our community excavation at Dinas Dinlle coastal hillfort. The excavation was part of the EU funded CHERISH project, which studies the impact of climate change on coastal heritage. We visited the remains of a huge roundhouse and learnt about the hillfort, before conducting our own excavation in a trench especially dug for our YAC members, to the south of the site. The hillfort, which is on National Trust owned land, is a scheduled monument and also a site of special scientific interest. Some of the hillfort has eroded into the sea.


Night Visit – Din Lligwy Hut Group and Capel Lligwy, Anglesey

In September 2019 we visited the Din Lligwy hut group near Moelfre. We learnt how people may have lived there, from the late prehistoric period through into the Roman period. We then visited the nearby Capel Lligwy to look for clues as to how the chapel may have been built and how people may have used the building. This was a night visit, working in partnership with the Dark Skies Project. Everybody wore head torches.

We arranged for an owl handler (Airborne Warriors) to join us at Capel Lligwy, giving members the chance to meet some beautiful owls. We also explored the chapel's crypt by candlelight, which was exciting but spooky! Both sites are maintained by Cadw and are scheduled monuments.


Online Pot Making Session

Here's a link to our online pot making session. Because of lockdown we haven't been able to see our members, but this is an activity you can do from home. There's also an information sheet which goes with the session – there's a link to this in the video description. The information sheet tells you what you need for the activity, as well as giving examples of pots and pottery pieces Gwynedd Archaeological Trust have found and recorded as part of our work.

Branch members have been sending us pictures of the fantastic pots they've been making. If you make a pot, please send us a picture! Happy Pot making! Click here for more activity ideas, over on YAC's main website. You can also check out the Bangor branch blog here.


The above are just a few of the sessions and activities we've organised. Remember, if you're interested in joining the Bangor (Gwynedd) branch, contact us:




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