Archaeological standards

Archaeological work is managed and monitored through reference to documentation ensuring best practice and fitness for purpose of the proposed work. As the curatorial body for North-West Wales Gwynedd Archaeological Planning Service co-ordinates this process by agreeing each stage of work.

Gwynedd Archaeological Planning Service:

• Checks planning applications against the regional Historic Environment Record

• Provides written briefs for archaeological work

• Checks specifications submitted by contractors

• Monitors fieldwork

• Monitors any post-excavation programmes

• Approves archaeological reports on behalf of the Anglesey, Gwynedd and Conwy Local Planning Authorities

• Approves archaeological work carried out after determination of planning consent

• Archaeological work outside the normal planning process is also subject to approval by the Gwynedd Archaeological Planning Service.


All of our work is carried out in accordance with the Welsh Archaeological Trusts' Curators' Code of Conduct.

Archaeological standards and guidance are set by the Institute for Archaeologists.

Additional detailed guidance on the undertaking of specific archaeological works including building investigation and recording has been published by English Heritage.



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