Dinas Dinlle Open Day 4th September 2021



Public Lecture: William George Owen, Caernarfon (1810-85): Peiriannydd Sifil

Our recent Welsh language lecture from David Elis-Williams: 'William George Owen, Caernarfon (1810-85): Peiriannydd Sifil' is now up on our YouTube channel. The video description includes an English language summary.

New Publication: Jane Kenney: A Welsh Landscape Through Time: Excavations at Parc Cybi, Holy Island, Anglesey (2021)

Oxbow books are offering the hardback edition of Jane Kenney's new book ‘A Welsh Landscape Through Time: Excavations at Parc Cybi, Holy Island, Anglesey' (2021) at a special pre-publication introductory price. To take advantage of this offer before the book is officially published next month, click here.


Public Lecture: Approaches towards the coastal archaeology of northwest Wales: retrospective and prospect

Here's Gary Robinson's (Bangor University) recent lecture.

Reach out across 6,000 years and see how people lived on Holy Island

Parc Cybi Archaeological Exhibition, Oriel Môn

Oriel Môn opens to public again on Tuesday, 18th of May. This means you will finally be able to view Gwynedd Archaeological Trust's exhibition Parc Cybi, A Landscape Through Time.

How did the ancestors of people now living in Holyhead live in the past? This exhibition tells the story of how inhabitants of the island lived, worked – and were buried – thousands of years ago. Come and learn about the amazing archaeological landscape uncovered by excavations at Parc Cybi on Holy Island . 120 Ysgol Cybi pupils helped prepare for the exhibition, examples of their work will be on display. View artefacts unearthed during the dig and learn about some of the internationally important features found.

In 2006 to 2008 and 2009 to 2010 Gwynedd Archaeological Trust carried out archaeological excavations in advance of the building of Parc Cybi, a major Welsh Government development site near Holyhead. Over 20 hectares were investigated to reveal an enthralling archaeological landscape. The excavations, subsequent analysis and the exhibition have been funded by Welsh Government.

Features of International Importance and a chance to see finds up to 6,000 year old
Features uncovered include the internationally important remains of a 5,700 year old Neolithic timber house, whilst the most important artefact was a large bead made of cannel-coal (a type of oil shale that looks much like jet). Made by the occupants of the Neolithic house, this is the only known Neolithic jet-like bead from Wales , and will be on display as part of the exhibition.

You can view the exhibition at Oriel Môn, Llangefni, Anglesey (LL77 7TQ) from Tuesday 18th May 2021.


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Welsh Language Lecture

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Friends of Gwynedd Archaeological Trust 2019 – 2020 Newsletter

Click here for a digital version of our recent Friends of Gwynedd Archaeological Trust 2019 - 2020 newsletter.

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Public Lecture: First Farmers of Wales - the Neolithic period in the north-west

Here's a recorded version of Jane Kenney's recent lecture.


Treforys Dig Diary February 2021

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Dig Diary, Undisclosed Location, January 2021

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Interactive 3D Models


We've created some interactive 3D models of various artefacts and structures. CLICK HERE



Pot Making Activity (Young Archaeologists' Club)

Make your own clay pot! (Young Archaeologists Club session).

There's an information sheet which accompanies this video. We've sent that to our branch members. Download it HERE.

Gwynedd Archaeological Trust runs the Bangor (Gwynedd) branch of the Young Archaeologists' Club. If you're interested in becoming a member, click HERE.

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Online Lectures - Roman Gwynedd

Dave Hopewell - one of our senior Archaeologists – presents a short series of informal lectures on recent work by the Trust.
Our first five lectures will look at Roman Gwynedd - click here.

Welsh subtitles – click here.



Browse thousands of historic sites across Wales from the comfort of your own home. Online public access to the Historic Environment Records (HERs) for each local authority area in Wales.

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Anglesey Antiquarian Society Day School in association with Gwynedd Archaeological Trust

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Community excavation at the former Ysgol Pendalar site near Segontium in Caernarfon

The community excavation at the former Ysgol Pendalar site near Segontium in Caernarfon has started! The excavation, funded by Cadw, is working with volunteers to uncover the history of this impressive Roman site.

Segontium Roman Fort is a unique and interesting site. The fort was established nearly two thousand years ago as a military base to control the land and coast conquered by the Romans. The Trust's excavation site is close to the Roman road leading from the fort gate. A limited excavation of this site was undertaken by Mortimer Wheeler in the 1920s and it was noted that the builders of houses along Constantine Road and Vaynol Road had discovered Roman archaeology. Wheeler recorded a road, wells, ovens, pits and traces of wooden buildings that are typical of a vicus. A vicus is a type of Roman civilian settlement commonly found alongside the roads leading from forts. This would have been a street of wooden buildings where craft and trade was carried out.


Public Open Day at Dinas Dinlle Coastal Fort

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Come and join us on an archaeological excavation at the iconic Dinas Dinlle Coastal Fort

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More on the CHERISH project:


Pen y Bryn Quarry Barracks, Dyffryn Nantlle
Public Open Day, Sunday 21/7/19

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Come and Volunteer for Gwynedd Archaeological Trust
Pen y Bryn Quarry Barracks, Dyffryn Nantlle
July 2019

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Archaeological Walks 2019-20

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