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About the Friends

The Trust has long recognised that education and communication are amongst the most important tools of conservation. A very important development over the last ten years has, therefore, been the success of the 'Friends' association. The Trust sees the 'Friends' as a means of getting information on recent project work and the archaeology of north-west Wales in general across to a wider audience, and for promoting the work of the Trust. It is also the framework within which members of the public can become more involved in the work of the Trust.

Members receive newsletters providing updates on Trust projects, and a copy of the periodic review of projects. Activities include lectures and day-schools, guided tours of excavations and study tours to sites and monuments within Wales and beyond.

Lecture series

Talks and lectures are held every week during the winter months on a particular theme.

2018 – 2019 Winter Lecture Series


Past Topics have included:

An Introduction to the Archaeology of Gwynedd

Art and Archaeology

Recent and Ongoing Archaeological Work in Wales

Dark Age Kingdoms of Britain

Landscapes of Wales

Agriculture, Society and Environment

Interpreting and presenting the past

Thirty years of GAT

Church Archaeology

The Friends' own researches in Local Hand not so local) History

Speakers have included Dr Oliver Rackham (author of The History of the Countryside), Carenza Lewis (of the Time Team), Professor Andrew Fleming (author of The Dartmoor Reeves) and Professor Richard Bradley (author of many authoritative books on British prehistory). We have had speakers from a wide range of organisations in and outside Wales including Cadw, National Museum of Wales, the British Museum, the National Trust, the University of Wales and other archaeological organisations.


Annual membership costs £15 (adults per address) £12 (Concessions per address: Senior Citizens/ Registered unemployed/student/U18). This payment contributes to the cost of the newsletters, postage and admin; additional charges (concessionary rates available) will cover the cost of lecture courses, day-schools, excursions and visits.


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