Rain again. We've been digging here since February and seen most weather conditions - except ice and snow! Wet conditions help the colour differentiation but the clayey subsoil is difficult in the rain.

Last week we finished cleaning and recording the up-slope areas. The rock cut features on the middle plateau were given another good clean to confirm their extent. The clearest and largest of the circular structures appears to have a post-ring inside and concentric with the ring groove.

Early on in the excavation a large cache of blue glass beads were uncovered in the area to the north of the Neolithic house. No features or other indications of related activity were found nearby. The beads are likely to be of late Iron Age or Romano-British date. A very thorough clean-up in the area of the findspot was undertaken this week to confirm that this was an isolated loss, away from the known areas of later prehistoric or Roman activity. Three of the beads are illustrated below.
Llandygai dig diary

September 19 to September 30

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