This week we brought a cherry picker on-site to get some high level views of excavated features. Follow the link to the Neolithic house page for a good elevated shot of the house's ground plan.
More work has been done on the rock-cut features and some of these are now more clearly seen as ring-groove roundhouses. There would seem to be more than one phase of activity represented but the illustrated example is clear enough. The house has an entrance flanked by two large post-holes at the downslope side and the whole structure is around nine metres in diameter.
The excavation of the large clay-walled roundhouse is now complete. There are at least two phases of construction visible on the photograph - most clearly seen in the different and consecutive arcs of the storm drains which would have curved round the walls of their respective buildings.
Llandygai dig diary

September 12 to September 18

The Neolithic House
The Round House
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