Ysgol yr Hendre, Llanbeblig, Caernarfon

An early medieval cemetery and Roman construction camp

Introduction | Excavation Results | Neolithic Pit | Roman Pit Ovens and Possible Construction Camp | Early Medieval Cemetery

Medieval Features | 19th and 20th Century | Acknowledgements and Further Reading


The work was funded by Cyngor Gwynedd Council and GAT would like to thank Richard Farmer, who over-saw the project for the council. GAT would like to acknowledge the assistance and co-operation provided by our groundwork contractor O Jones throughout all elements of the scheme, and to thank the team of site archaeologists for their dedicated work. GAT would also like to acknowledge the guidance and assistance provided by Ashley Batten of Gwynedd Archaeological Planning Services, both in terms of spearheading the project and in providing advice during the fieldwork element. All the fieldwork was managed by John A Roberts. The phase II and III evaluation trenching was carried out by Cat Rees, Matt Jones, Laura Parry, Iwan Parry and Neil McGuinness. The phase IV fieldwork was directed by Ken Owen; his team consisted of Liz Chambers, Jess Davidson, Matt Jones, Peter Jones, Chris Lane, and Anne Marie Oattes. The phase V fieldwork was undertaken by Peter Jones, Macsen Flook and Jane Kenney with the help of Rob Evans and Rich Cooke. GAT would like to acknowledge the contribution made by the specialists; Phil Parkes, Cardiff Conservation Services; Gordon Cook and Derek Hamilton, SUERC Radiocarbon Laboratory; Peter Webster (Roman pottery); Hilary Cool (Roman glass), Tim Young, GeoArch: geoarchaeological, archaeometallurgical and geophysical investigations; Nora Bermingham (animal bone); George Smith (lithics), Rosalind McKenna (charred plant remains), and the wet sieving/flotation team Richard and Gill Collier. Illustrations were by Macsen Flook and Jane Kenney and the text by Jane Kenney, Laura Parry and Andrew Davidson.

Further Reading

The full report is available for consultation at the Historic Environment Record of Gwynedd Archaeological Trust, or can be downloaded as a pdf file from the Archwilio website ( or the Coflein website ( (search for Ysgol yr Hendre). A report will be published in Archaeologia Cambrensis, the journal of the Cambrian Archaeological Association. Below are listed some of the principal sources used in this report - many of these references also contain detailed bibliographies for further research.

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