Historic Landscape Characterisation

Trawsfynydd - Area 7 Bog, west of Bryn-crwn (PRN 18273)

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Historic background

This area comprises a small area of bog (see below), similar to area 04, which occupies the bottom of the river valley at this point, up to the edge of the artificial lake (area 05). It contains very little visible evidence for past human exploitation, although this may be buried (see above) with the exception of a few walls, a couple of trackways which cross the area and some evidence for past drainage activities. As the settlements to the west and east of the area appear to be mainly 18th – early 19th century in date (this area is devoid of settlement), these features presumably also date to that period.

Key historic landscape characteristics

Unenclosed area, bog

The area is characterised by its lack of enclosure and subsequent agricultural improvement: it is largely ‘natural’ in appearance (undoubtedly a result of over-exploitation in the later prehistoric period – see section above) although a few stone walls divide it into a number of large enclosures and a couple of footpaths (presumably former trackways) cross it from west to east. The area also contains some evidence for water management in the form of shorts stretches of canalisation and ditches.



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