Historic Landscape Characterisation

Trawsfynydd - Area 3 Rhinogau – rocky lower eastern slopes (PRN 18269)

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Historic background

This area of natural rocky ridges on the lower east-facing slopes of the Rhinogau contains only a very few traces of past human activity, in the form of a number of large, irregular enclosures which include a small number of sheepfolds. The eastern extent of a pass from Cwm Bychan (to the west) over Craig Drwg and down to Crawcwellt (probably originally to Cefn Clawdd and beyond) bisects the area. There is a single prehistoric hut circle towards the northern end of the area, but the area has never been fully enclosed and exploited.

Key historic landscape characteristics

Rocky ledges, drystone walls, trackway

The area comprises a natural series of rocky ridges which bear few traces of past human activity beyond a few drystone walls, and the route mentioned above.



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