Historic Landscape Characterisation

Trawsfynydd - Area 21 Upland enclosures - Dôl-gain (PRN 18287)

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Historic background

This is an upland area of somewhat mixed character, based on a series of large, irregular enclosures but with no modern settlement. Relict archaeological features include a standing stone, part of the route of the former Roman road and Penystryd Roman tile kilns alongside it, Bedd Porus (early Christian inscribed stone), the remains of a quarry on the lower slopes of Pîg Idris, where there is also a series of small encroachment-like enclosures. There was also a look-out for the firing range down at Bronaber built on the top of Craig y Penmaen between the wars. A number of trackways cross the area and the western parts are covered by scrubby woodland where there are also a number of former mines and related remains. Despite these important individual archaeological monuments, there is no real historical cohesion about the area.

Key historic landscape characteristics

Stone walled enclosures, trackways, relict archaeological features

The enclosures here are large and irregular without forming any particular pattern: they are fairly typical of remote, upland areas. The area is bisected north-south by the route of the former Roman road, and there are three other (later) roads which demonstrate the important of this area (rather than the later, lower route to the west currently occupied by the main A470) as a means of communication in past times. Other features are minor in landscape.


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