Historic Landscape Characterisation

Trawsfynydd - Area 2 Cefn Clawdd – settlements and enclosures (PRN 18268)

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Historic background

Cefn Clawdd is one of only three medieval townships within this Register area, although little is known about it. There is an extensive (late prehistoric) settlement just to the east (outside of the area), but the four settlements here (Wern-fach, Wern-cyfrdwy and one un-named, in addition to Cefn Clawdd) and their associated fields resemble farmsteads carved out of inhospitable uplands during the late 18th-early 19th centuries. Certainly all four farms (and their fields, which are large, irregular enclosures typical of marginal land encroachment) appear on the 1830s tithe map with little change from the modern day.

Key historic landscape characteristics

Upland farmsteads, irregular fields

Only one of the farmsteads (Cefn Clawdd) appears to still be farmed (the fields below the house being cut for hay/silage in August): Wern-cyfrdwy may have been modernised and been used as a holiday home, but the other two settlements appear to have been abandoned, along with their fields.




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