Historic Landscape Characterisation

Trawsfynydd - Area 16 Farming settlements north of Trawsfynydd (PRN 18282)

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Historic background

This area (similar in character to area 09 to the south), which lies north of Trawsfynydd, contains a farming landscape which appears to have been largely formed by the time of the tithe map in the 1840s. The area stretches from Trawsfynydd, north to the edge of the study area and lies mainly to the west of the modern A470.

The farms within the area (such as Goppa Farm, Coed-cae-dû, Ty Gwyn and Creigiau-duon) are recorded on the tithe map (Goppa Estate was put up for sale by Robert Lloyd in 1845) and the field pattern also seems to have remained largely unchanged. Given the absence of evidence for earlier settlement (either relict or in the form of late medieval houses – see areas 06 and 10) it would seem that we are looking at a marginal farming landscape of late 18th – early 19th century date, probably developed around the same time as the road was constructed (i.e. sometime between 1780 and 1824). Certainly the regular field pattern around Coed-cae-du (a listed building dating from the 16th century) suggests a relatively late date (later than Coed-y-rhygen (area 06) now on the opposite side of the lake (area 05), and they could have been laid out alongside the original 18th-19th century) post road which came up from Tan-y-Bwlch and ran to the west of the farm (it is still visible in part) and was presumably re-routed when the lake was constructed. The modern A470 follows the latter line.

Key historic landscape characteristics

Farmsteads, enclosures, woods

The principal characteristics of the area are the regular fields and areas of woodland which contain stone-built farms, built in an apparent variety of styles but all sturdy, built from granite with slate roofs, surrounded by their outbuildings. There is also some use of corrugated iron as a structural material and as weather-proofing.



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