Historic Landscape Characterisation

Trawsfynydd - Area 13 Hill slopes – Moel Uchaf Dôl-haidd (PRN 18279)

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Historic background

This is a relatively small area of partially-enclosed mountain waste on the north-facing hill slopes at the top (eastern) end of Cwm Prysor. The area lies above the settlement and enclosed fields (area 12) in the valley bottom, and below the virtually unenclosed mountain top (outside project area to the south). It is divided into a number of large, irregular enclosures, defined by straight stone walls, probably 18th or 19th century in date, and contains in addition a couple of sheepfolds and some disued mining trials. Much of the area is described as Gallt-y-Daran Common (falling largely within Llanycil parish) on the mid-19th century tithe map.

Key historic landscape characteristics

Stone walls, sheepfolds, mining levels

The area has little of historic interest but is defined by its intermediary position between the unenclosed mountain tops and the fields and settlements in the valley bottom. It lies in a small basin, and a number of streams cross the area.



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