Historic Landscape Characterisation

Mawddach - Area 5 Bontddu (PRN 18335)



Historic background

Bontddu is an almost-entirely 19th century ribbon development' along the main road which was extended from Dolgellau to Barmouth at the beginning of the 19th century. The mid-19th century Llanaber tithe map shows only a handful of houses along the north side of the road (see photograph), and even now, after road improvements, the southern side of the road remains almost empty. The minor road up to Hirgwm, where gold mining later in the century was centred, to the north of the village leads off from the centre of the village, and it is this enterprise that is responsible for the growth and development of this settlement and its infrastructure.

Key historic landscape characteristics

19th century ribbon development

The architecture of the settlement, strung out along the main road but with a couple of stretches where the road has been straightened leaving the houses set back, is almost entirely 19th century, with a couple of hotels, a mill as well as several terraces of two-storied houses, which have been added-to by a number of 20th century dwellings, garage etc. The area today, with its excellent microclimate, contains a significant number of interesting (non-registered) private gardens.

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