Historic Landscape Characterisation

Mawddach - Area 4 Cutiau (PRN 18334)



Historic background

This small, somewhat non-descript settlement (which doesn't actually have a name, either on most maps or physically on the ground) is shown on the (undated but mid-19th-century) Llanaber tithe map as a series of some dozen buildings set around an irregular series of four or five minor tracks winding around the steep, south-facing hill slope on the western side of the Mawddach estuary, where the Afon Dwynant empties into the estuary.

Two of the small rubble-housed farmhouses next to Capel Cutiau itself are listed. One is a small, storeyed end-chimney type with a small farm building added at the uphill end, and the other is a small, two-unit lobby-entry house north west of the latter, which is probably 19th century.

Key historic landscape characteristics

Small 19th century houses, exotic gardens, narrow lanes

The architecture is an eclectic mixture of styles, and the photograph shows the large, probably 18th century, mill with its exotic garden. There are no service buildings in this settlement with the exception of the chapel. The gardens are fairly dramatic, something which is characteristic of many gardens along this shore of the estuary.

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