Historic Landscape Characterisation

Mawddach - Area 20 Forestry, Cyfannedd (PRN 18350)



Historic background

This area, now covered by modern forestry, contains at least five major archaeological sites (all scheduled) which testify to a long history of landuse here, particularly in the prehistoric period. The sites include burial cairns and later prehistoric settlements comprising hut circles, enclosures and associated walls.

Most of the area is described on the 1839 Llangelynnin tithe map as Common', and is shown as consisting of just one or two large enclosures. The area was unfortunately afforested in the 1960s by the Forestry Commission, but has been sold relatively recently to a private concern and timber is now being extracted.

Key historic landscape characteristics

20th century forestry, relict archaeology

The accompanying aerial photograph shows the extent of the modern forestry which is completely unsympathetic to both the underlying archaeology and the surrounding landscape. In landscape terms, it is the forestry which is dominant, although the archaeology still exists within the understorey.


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