Historic Landscape Characterisation

Mawddach - Area 13 Coastal strip, south of Llwyngwril (PRN 18343)



Historic background

Most of the fields shown on the 1839 Llangelynnin tithe map are of similar size and shape to the few that exist today, although the actual boundaries are differently-placed. The area is bisected by the Cambrian Railway which was finally opened in 1867, and was largely responsible for the development of Llwyngwril as a holiday resort (see also notes on area 11). The area also contains the remains of the World War II Llwyngwril camp. The caravan sites date from the 1970s onwards.

Key historic landscape characteristics

Caravan sites, drystone walls, WWII camp

The three main characteristics, as described above, include the distinctive drystone walls, most of which appear to be late 19th century, the remains of the WWII camp (which includes a grey, brick blockhouse, rifle range, earthen butts and brick-faced concrete plinths along the coast edge), and the rigid lines of white, static caravans.


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