Historic Landscape Characterisation

Vale of Ffestiniog - Area 30 Brondanw slopes

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Historic background

This is a small area on the north-facing slopes of the peninsula. It was an area historically dominated by the houses at Plas Brondanw and at Parc, in which there is a lot of (probably) ancient woodland and some small-scale 19th-century quarrying for slate. There are underlying field patterns which are difficult to make sense of, but may be early. The relative concentration of several, important sub-medieval houses in the Llanfrothen area may indicate the growing economic important of this area in the 16th and 17th centuries (it would then have been on the coast), further evidence of which may be contained in the landscape.


Key historic landscape characteristics

Woodlands, field patterns, industrial remains

This is a relatively 'low-key' area characterised by small fields, broad-leaved woodland and evidence for small-scale slate quarrying, evident in the form of extremely dilapidated structures and the traces of inclines.


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