Historic Landscape Characterisation

Vale of Ffestiniog - Area 16 Upper slopes of the Moelwyn range

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Historic background

This is a large, remote and inhospitable upland area, which includes several high peaks, notably Manod Mawr, Manod Bach and Moelwyn Mawr. There are the remains of 19th and 20th century slate quarries (for example Fron-boeth quarry on the south-western slopes of Moelwyn Mawr - see photograph) and associated infrastructure (such as engine houses, inclines and tracks) around the base of all of the mountains, as well as some large enclosure walls, but beyond these there are virtually no indications of permanent settlement or attempts at subsistence.

Key historic landscape characteristics

Unenclosed mountain, traces of quarrying

The area is chiefly characterised by having almost no significant features of historic occupation or exploitation, beyong traces of quarrying and some enclosure walls.


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