Historic Landscape Characterisation

Dysynni Valley – Area 9 Enclosed northern slopes PRN 28658


Woodland and enclosure fields on the lower northern slopes



Historical background

Areas of historic enclosure on the lower slopes of the northern part of the study area. This area includes the relict medieval landscape associated with the llys at Tal y Bont (Tal y Bont itself is in area 1). Enclosure of this area seems to have been well under way by the sixteenth century, when as noted in 8.6 above, Syr Owain ap Gwylim's praise-poem to Dafydd Llwyd of Peniarth refers to ‘Percydd, mynydd uwch minion' (Parks and a mountain above the boundaries).

Key historic landscape characteristics

Improved lower slopes marked by enclosures, some of them wandering, some of them regular, as well as by scattered woodlands and farm settlements, including Tyrgawen, Peniarth Uchaf and Peniarth Canol, on a ledge overlooking the Dysynni valley, as well as the Peniarth home farm at SH 6105 0604. It includes a strip of land above area 1 that extends to Tal y Garreg and Tonfanau where as well as nineteenth century farm dwellings there has been some later development, taking advantage of the views over the Broadwater and south over Cardigan Bay .

This area merges into area 10 but is considerably less wild and remote.



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