Historic Landscape Characterisation

Dysynni Valley – Area 5 Corlan Fraith PRN 28654


The motte at Bryn y Castell lies left of the farm



Historical background

An area that seems to have been enclosed in the nineteenth century, and where some abortive mineral trials took place. The motte Bryn y Castell may have guarded a Medieval route across this character area to Pennal. It seems to have been erected in the 1140s by Cadwaladr, son of Gruffydd ap Cynan and brother to Owain Gwynedd, at a time when the spur on which it stood would have overlooked the flood plain east of Tywyn. It is one of only two documented castles built within Gwynedd by Welsh lords at this time. By the nineteenth century it formed part of the Ynysymaengwyn estate and seems to have been exploited for sheep-farming.


Key historic landscape characteristics

An area of rising ground to the south of the Dysynni lowlands which reaches to the ridge of Corlan Fraith, characterised by (mainly) regular enclosures of probable nineteenth century date, very small-scale mineral trials, and several sheepfolds. Farm-houses and farm-buildings associated with this area are generally situated just below it in 01 (e.g. Hendy, Ty Mawr and Cynfal), though the substantial Victorian farms of Bryn y Castell and Caerffynnon are situated within it. Pine trees are evident in a number of areas but it is otherwise open and unwooded. The motte Bryn y Castell lies within this character area.

The area seems little visited, even though it is situated adjacent to the Talyllyn Railway and to the caravan parks around Rhyd yr Onnen station.



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