Historic Landscape Characterisation

Dysynni Valley – Area 12 Craig yr Aderyn PRN 28661


The crag of Craig yr Aderyn dominates the landscape of the upper valley



Historical background

A spectacular crag, surmounted by a hillfort in which two distinct building periods have been identified but which cannot be dated with any confidence) and in which Roman-British pottery has been identified. The hill-fort is remarkable for its elaborate in-turned entrances and double lines of defence.

The character area as a whole is a nesting area for choughs and cormorants.


Key historic landscape characteristics

Spectacular hillfort location

It would be hard to conceive of a more spectacular location for a hill-fort; the northern slopes are prohibitively steep, and the only means of access is along a ridge from the south. It has a strong visual relationship not only with the lowlands but with the whole of the Register landscape and forms a visual counterpoise to Tal y Garreg hillfort.

The boundaries identified here are those of the SSI and a Special Protected Area. The hillfort itself is also a SAM . This landscape area comprises rocky crags, acid grassland, heath and bracken; it is of European importance as a traditional breeding and roosting site for choughs, which are present throughout the year, and for cormorants. The maintenance of a short grassy sward, which provides an important feeding area for choughs, is considered one of the factors influencing the number of breeding and roosting birds.


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