Historic Landscape Characterisation

Dysynni Valley – Area 10 Intermediate slopes PRN 28659


The intermediate slopes are visible above the tree line



Historical background

The largely unenclosed intermediate slopes of the historic landscape area. The hut-circle settlement of Craig Ty'n y Cornel indicates that these areas had been colonised in the Iron Age/Romano British period, and the survival of long houses here indicates that settlement survived into, or was resumed in, the Medieval period. It is not known whether the adjacent field system was associated with the earlier or the later period or with both. There is a continuity of occupation and exploitation from the Medieval period at Nant Caw Fawr, a farm which is recorded as a Medieval township. The woodlands of Coed Pennant are early.

Key historic landscape characteristics

Mixed character area

Again, this is an area which merges into those above (area 11) and those below (area 9) but which is characterised by steep-side slopes and a mixture of woodland, some scree and enclosures. Farm dwellings and farm buildings are generally situated below this character area, with the exception of Nant Caw Fawr, which is situated in a side valley up a winding track. The hut-circle settlement of Craig Ty'n y Cornel is associated with winding walls and long houses with traces of yards and paddocks.




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