Historic Landscape Characterisation

Dolgellau - Area 14 Fieldscape around Llanfachreth (PRN 19193)



Historic background

The area around Llanfachreth in many ways demonstrates similar characterisics to the outlying parts of the Nannau estate land (area 11), although the field pattern comprises smaller enclosures on the hillslopes. There are two or three farms in the area which are 18th- or 19th-century in date, as well as a number of field barns. Again, there is no evidence for prehistoric activity.

The tithe map for Llanfachreth is particularly poor, showing very few boundaries (partially because it was owned largely by the Nannau estate) other than the outlines of actual holdings. On the 1901 map, however, the field pattern, settlements and roads are shown as they still are today, including some small pockets of woodland.

Key historic landscape characteristics

Irregular enclosures, field barns

This small character area is characterised by a pattern of small fields, centred on the estate-derived village of Llanfachreth, and characterised by drystone walls with trees and hedges. The area also contains a number of stone-built farms, and outlying field barns. There are no examples of recently-abandoned farm settlements, unlike the area south of Dolgellau.


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