Historic Landscape Characterisation

Creuddyn and Arllechwedd – Area 8 Conwy Morfa PRN 15807


SH 770790 looking south-east. Showing the nature of the open sand dune system on the Morfa, now partly a golf course.



Historical background

Conwy Morfa was used for grazing sheep and for defensive purposes by the time it enters the historic record in the eighteenth century. As early as 1768 a map appears to show a military camp there, and it was used in the latter part of the nineteenth century as a training camp for the Volunteer movement, in particular the 20th regiment of the Lancashire Fusiliers and the 6th and 7th Battalions of the Territorial Army. It was the scene of the young David Lloyd George's brief flirtation with military life in 1880.

Much of the area is now given over to a caravan park and a gold course.

A fish house is shown on Lewis Morris's map of 1748 on the north coast.


Key historic landscape characteristics

Sand dunes, golf course

A largely featureless area of encroachment from the sea.




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