Historic Landscape Characterisation

Creuddyn and Arllechwedd – Area 17 Flat valley bottom (drained areas) PRN 15819


SH 777698 looking south. Showing the flat, open nature of the landscape on the western bank of the Afon Conwy.



Historical background

The meadows on the alluvial floor of the Conwy river near Dolgarrog formed part of the monastic grange of Ardda and Dar-lâs; after the dissolution they passed through various hands until they became part of the Glynllifon estate, and were sold off in 1894. Those further to the north were in various ownerships. From 1863 to 1874 slate was shipped from a wharf known as Cei Goed or Cei'r Ynys at SH 776 678, and in the twentieth century the aluminium works was served by a jetty at SH 775 679.



Key historic landscape characteristics


A drained area of lowland meadow through which the rivers Dulyn and Ro flow, and into which the Afon Porth Llwyd empties through the Dolgarrog works canal.


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