Historic Landscape Characterisation

Creuddyn and Arllechwedd – Area 13 Fieldscape around Gorwel PRN 15815


SH 6907 48 looking east. Showing the intricate nature of the enclosed landscape, with scattered settlement and winding trackways.



Historical background

Area of irregular field patterns apparently arising from prehistoric settlements. H L North buildings and large, substantial farmsteads dominate the hillside.

Key historic landscape characteristics

Irregular fields, enclosed spaces, North buildings, large farmsteads, tracks and paths

A small, cohesive area of distinct character on a hillside above Llanfairfechan, consisting of a pattern of small, irregular fields (many of prehistoric ‘curvilinear' shape), with substantial 18th-19th century farmsteads, and a punctuation of 20th century buildings by the architect H L North.

A single, winding trackway loops around the area, off which lead the tracks to the scattered farms and a network of footpaths.

Prehistoric settlements undoubtedly survive in field corners, and the area needs detailed survey.




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