Historic Landscape Characterisation

Caernarfon/ Nantlle – Area 42 Nantlle valley upper slopes PRN 15741


This view, which again looks south, is similar to that of area 37, where the upper slopes and Cwm Silyn ridge are visible above the lower 'shoulder' (area 37) which contains most of the relict archaeology.




Historical background

Largely unenclosed mountain land reaching up to the Nantlle ridge. Walter Davies, ‘Gwallter Mechain', refers to a plantation of 2,000 oaks ‘in a very high situation' on Talmignedd farm in 1810.


Key historic landscape characteristics

Relict archaeology (settlement and cultivation)

This area comprises unenclosed mountain, beyond the margin of modern cultivation, although in some ways it is a continuation of area 37, particularly in the presence of extensive and well-preserved remains of medieval settlement and field systems (long huts and ridge and furrow cultivation). In addition, a number of nineteenth- and twentieth-century features survive, including mineral trials and grenade-throwing practice areas from WWII.


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