Historic Landscape Characterisation

Caernarfon /Nantlle – Area 39 Cilfechydd/Cyrnant PRN 15738


The hidden, atmospheric nature of this area, which lies towards the top of this view (which looks south-west), is evident here.



Historical background

Cyrnant farm formed part of the Glynllifon estate in the early nineteenth century, and may later have been sold privately to the tenant.

Key historic landscape characteristics

Irregular enclosures, relict archaeological sites

A small and anomalous area whose character is very much dictated by the topography (rocky outcrops on a north-facing hillside). There are several large, curvilinear, irregular enclosures, some of which have underlying lynchets on the steep slope and contain a number of relict archaeological sites (the general appearance of the area gives the impression of a prehistoric origin). On top of this, there is also some later (nineteenth-century) enclosure, with dispersed cottage dwellings. A narrow road (again ancient in origin) runs steeply downhill through the area. There is also a fairly extensive tract of ancient woodland along the steep hillside, which is unusual in the locality generally.



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