Historic Landscape Characterisation

Caernarfon/ Nantlle – Area 37 Nantlle valley lower slopes PRN 15736


This view, which looks south, shows a part of the lower slopes of Nantlle valley which are characterised by relict archaeology and the open, unenclosed nature of the land. The upper slopes of the valley (area 42) are visible beyond).



Historical background

An area dominated by the farms of Taldrwst, Ty Mawr, Dol Pebin, Gwernor and Ffridd. Dol Pebin is mentioned in the fourth branch of the Mabinogion .

Key historic landscape characteristics

Relict medieval archaeology (settlement and agriculture), farmhouses

The farmhouses, which are largely substantial nineteenth-century structures, are typically situated at the break of the slope. There is some afforestation, and a small copper mine at Gwernor, with other trials likely as well. The principal interest of the area, however, is the substantial, extensive and well-preserved evidence of medieval settlement and field systems in the form of long huts and ridge and furrow cultivation, especially on the ridge mid-way down the area. These should be fully recorded as they appear to be largely undisturbed by any later activity.



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