Historic Landscape Characterisation

Caernarfon/Nantlle – Area 34 Lleuar PRN 15733


The gentle landscape of this low-lying area of fields to the west of Pen-y-Groes is shown in this view which looks south. The enclosed hut group at Penbryn mawr is visible towards the centre, just left of the farm, while the Nantlle railway is just visible in the top left corner.



Historical background

An area which was traditionally dominated by the small Lleuar estate, whose last squire, Captain William Ridsdale, sold it to the Wynnes of Glynllifon before his death at Dettingen in 1743.

Key historic landscape characteristics

Field patterns, farms, relict archaeological sites

A low-lying pastoral area, formerly part of the Lleuar estate, in which the dominant building type is a substantial nineteenth-century farmhouse. In some cases there is an older dwelling immediately adjacent, often converted into a store or shed. Field boundaries are variously dry-stone walls or stone-faced banks, in some cases with hedges. There are several 'isolated' relict archaeological sites (hut group settlements, small hillforts) which make an interesting comparison with the higher, marginal areas and which are vulnerable to damage from agricultural activities.




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