Historic Landscape Characterisation

Caernarfon/Nantlle – Area 32 Llyn y Gadair PRN 15731


The remains of the slate quarry by the side of Llyn y Gadair are clearly visible, with some of the tips extending into the lake (view looks north east).



Historical background

A low-lying area, part of Drws y Coed farm. Llyn y Gadair slate quarry was taken over by the Union during the Penrhyn Strike, but was unsuccessful.


Key historic landscape characteristics

Slate quarry, lake

A low-lying area forming a hollow in which is situated Llyn y Gadair. The area contains a mill (SH56845257), in re-use as a dwelling, a number of transport features and the rock ‘Pitt's Head', which resembles Pitt the Younger in profile (SH57625150).


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