Historic Landscape Characterisation

Caernarfon/Nantlle – Area 26 Arfon plateau PRN 15725


The large fields, mainly improved pasture, which characterise this area along the Menai Strait are clearly visible in this view , which looks south east, along with some of the substantial dwellings built along the main road to Bangor.



Historical background

This is a rolling landscape, principally comprising fields of improved pasture, many of which, especially in the west, belong to one of several independent, smaller estates. These include Plas Brereton and Parciau (Parkia), the homes of minor gentry and gentleman-industrialists like Samuel Holland and William Turner. The dwellings associated with these estates are substantial late eighteenth-century or early nineteenth century residences. The farmhouses and outbuildings of this area are also built on a substantial scale, set amidst large regular enclosures. Plas Brereton is associated with Elizabeth Gaskell, who stayed there with her cousin Samuel Holland.


Key historic landscape characteristics

Lowland plain, extensive fieldscape, substantial gentry houses, some relict archaeology

A managed landscape dominated by a number of large houses, their home farms and larger tenant farms. Plas Brereton, an attractive example of a late eighteenth/early nineteenth-century minor gentry dwelling as the idiom was interpreted locally, is currently proposed for re-opening as a luxury hotel, which has resulted in some cosmetic changes to the building and alterations in the grounds, including the removal of the perimeter wall. The adjacent Ty Coch is of later date, and is also intended for refurbishment. These buildings, their gardens, and their lodges, gates and walls along the Bangor to Caernarfon road, form an excellent example of a minor gentry and industrialists' landscape, although they have recently undergone considerable renovation. Parkia, the home of Sir Llywelyn Turner, was demolished during the Second World War, and the gardens have become overgrown, although the gatehouse still exists.


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