Historic Landscape Characterisation

Caernarfon/Nantlle – Area 24 Carmel PRN 15723


The generally run-down condition of the main street of this settlement is evident in this view of its southern side.



Historical background

A concentration of tai moel (landless houses) on the road from the Arfon coastal plain to the commons, immediately above the site of the gate on the former mountain wall. The village takes its name from the Calvinistic Methodist chapel established here in 1827 .

Key historic landscape characteristics

Industrial settlement, roads

This settlement is made up of a variety of traditional vernacular and ‘industrial-vernacular' dwellings, as well as standard late nineteenth-century terracing, shops and chapels, with some decorative ironwork, and twentieth-century social housing. The ad-hoc nature of this community is evident in the topography and in the narrow streets, based on a main street with a cross-roads at one end.



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