Historic Landscape Characterisation

Caernarfon/Nantlle – Area 22 Rhostryfan-Rhosgadfan PRN 15721


This aerial view of Rhostryfan, looking east, shows the relatively dense nucleation of the settlement, again set mainly along the road, and surrounded by the marginal fields of area 25 which contain so much important relict archaeology.




Historical background

Two nucleations arising from the dual economy of quarry and tyddy, established on crown commons from 1798 onwards. Rhosgadfan is associated with the novelist Dr Kate Roberts.


Key historic landscape characteristics

Industrial settlement, ribbon development

These associated settlements are made up of a variety of traditional vernacular and ‘industrial-vernacular' dwellings, as well as standard late nineteenth-century terracing, shops and chapels, with some decorative ironwork, and twentieth-century social housing. The ad-hoc nature of these two communities and their development is evident in the topography.


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