Historic Landscape Characterisation

Caernarfon/Nantlle – Area 21 Fron PRN 15720


The open, nucleated settlement of Fron is visible in the centre of this aerial view which looks north east. ln the foreground is part of the impressive Cilgwyn tip railway, built to gain height and access to wider tipping space for the quarry.




Historical background

A mid nineteenth-century ribbon development partly along a road of c. 1809 to Pen yr Orsedd Quarry and an industrial railway of c. 1864 leading to Chwarel y Fron.


Key historic landscape characteristics

Industrial ribbon development, open spaces

The village is characterised by substantial shops and chapels and a variety of buildings illustrating the evolution of architecture from the vernacular tradition through to the ‘industrial vernacular', yet without progressing beyond the intermittent ribbon pattern of settlement. Capel y Fron (SH50875487) is a substantial halo-arch chapel of the later nineteenth century; Capel Bwlch y Llyn (SH50545501) is a rare example of a architect-designed chapel built after the diwygiad of 1904, and includes a considerable amount of brick in the construction. The school dates from the early nineteenth century (SH50815481).


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