Historic Landscape Characterisation

Caernarfon/Nantlle – Area 19 Traeth Dinlle PRN 15718


Part of this flat area, characterised by regular enclosures, waterways and (holiday) caravan parks is visible towards the bottom of this photograph, which looks south towards Dinas Dinlle and area 47.




Historical background

A drained area of former marshland, enclosed by act of 1806 and an award of 1831. A decision was made around the turn of the century to develop the area to the north of the hillfort into a holiday destination (see also Morfa Bychan, Fairbourne etc.), and part of the area was divided up into rectangular plots to accommodate hotels, flats guest houses and houses as well as certain infrastructure buildings. A map (undated) in the SMR FI file shows the plots delineated and numbered, as well as a number of roads laid out and embankments.

The venture seems to have floundered for financial reasons, and only a small number of hotels and guest houses, along with a barracks-like accommodation hut, were built immediately north of the hillfort.


Key historic landscape characteristics

Regular enclosures, waterways, caravan parks

A flat area of open fields, with a row of late nineteenth- and twentieth-century hotels, guest-houses and souvenir shops along the front. The sea shore has been strengthened recently by the deposition of stone and gabions.


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